CSIT-PM2401 Non-standard 24V


product features

Specification:Short circuit protection

Security:15-28V input to 12V

 Size :38*19mm


24V POE power supply


The main parameters

NO. Parameter Symbol Min Typical values Max Unit
1 Input Voltage Vin 12 24 30  V
2 output voltage +VDC 11.8 12.3 12.8  V
3 output Current PWR 1 2  A
4 Storage Temperature Tj -40  2.5 105
5 Operating Temperature Tstg -20  2.5 70
3.1 is typically 25 ℃, measured under the 24V power supply environment, only for reference design


You are welcome to customize the POE modules of various sizes and appearances and function.
The layout is required to receive the initial research and development expenses.
After ordering a certain number of modules (usually 5000 pieces), the r&d cost can be deducted.
After the sample is qualified, batch production


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