Touch Panel

TP Controller

TP Controller firmware download,Flash TP controller firmware, TP driver download

TP Configuration

Change horizontal and vertical touch direction of TP,Save the TP firmware from TP controller via tools,Calibration,Remote help to configure the TP

TP Type

Capacitive touch screen, Resistive touch screen,Infrared touch screen, support USB/RS232/I2C interfaces

VOSIN Touch Panel

Product Models:

HX-057-070-001-V01, HX-003-101-052-V01, HX-002-104-008-V01, HX-003-104-129-A0, HX-002-150-009-V03, HX-003-156-054-V02, HX-002-150-009, HX-170-041-V02, HX-002-190-001-V02, HX-003-236-142-A0, HX-003-270-079, HX-121-042-V02, HX-003-215-036-V01, HX-003-215-030-V01, HX-003-215-016-A1, HX-003-215-016-V01, HX-170-041-V02, HX-003-101-052(D), HX-003-156-054, 003-215-055

PITECH Touch Panel

Product Models:

PC1010203, PC1040101, PC1330103, PC0140101, PC1560101, PC0150101, PC1730202, PC0170101, PC1850101, PC18950101, PC0190101, PC2150101, PC0220102, PC2360101, PC0270101, PC0320201, PC0420101, PC0460101, PC0550101

Victor-Touch Touch Panel

Product Models:

VTW4035A0, VTW4043A5, VTW4043A6, VTW4047A1, VTW4047A4, VTW4051A1, VTW4050B1, VTW4056A0, VTW4057A0, VTW4057A1, VTW4061A1, VTW4061A4, VTW4062A5, VTW4062A8, VTW4062B4, VTW4070A0, VTW4070A8, VTW4070F3, VTW4070F7, VTW4070G0, VTW4070G3, VTW4070H1, VTW4071A0, VTW4078A0, VTW4080A0, VTW4080A1, VTW4080A6, VTW4080A3, VTW4084A0, VTW4090A0, VTW4101A0, VTW4101A1, VTW4102A0, VTW4102A1, VTW4104A0, VTW4121A1, VTW4121A0, VTW4121A2, VTW4141A0, VTW4150A2, VTW4156A0, VTW4170A0, VTW4171A0, VTW4185A0, VTW4190A0, VTW4216A0, VTW4191A0, VTW4221A0, VTW5080A2, VTW5080A3, VTW5104A0, VTW4104A3, VTW5121A0, VTW5121A2, VTW5156A0, VTW5150A0, VTW5170A0, VTW5171A0, VTW5185A0, VTW5190A0, VTW5191A0, VTW5215A0, VTW4121A0-1.8GB-3.0, HS417003, HS10405GB05, TS121A4B008, HS41900, TS104A4B008, VTW4170A0-1.8GB-6.0, ER415000-02, HS15 A3-3, VTW4190A1-6.0, TS121ABZ, HS41500, HS417003, HS410403

QUDEE Touch Panel

Product Models:

QD8334084, QD8334104, QD8335121, QD8219150, QD8002156, QD8003170, QD8004173, QD8005185, QD8470185, QD8593185, QD8006190, QD8008215, QD8516215, QD8544215, QD8174170 V02, QD-ILI16 V01

WingCool Touch Panel

Product Models:

GT928-101-CX, GT928-101-CS, JYT185A322-GT9110H V93, JYT215A319-GT9110H-USB, TB64C-RS, TB64C-M2, TB72C-RS, TB96D, TB118D, TB115Z, TB138D, TB72C-M2, TB116C, TB116C-P3, TB116C-WL, TB116C-B, GT2931, GT2931+S816E/G, GT2933, GT2933+S829G/E, GT2936, GT2936+829G/E, GT9110H