X86 ITX Main Board

Bios Firmware

Bios firmware download,Flash Bios firmware,Custom Bios logo,Change Bios firmware default value

Bios Settings

Power on,Wake on lan,Boot from network,ide switch to ahci,lcd resolution & args, GPIO define,Rs232 switch to Rs485,Resume By Alarm, lvds&edp settings, Pin definition

Board Supplier

Numerous ITX Board suppliers provide technical support

Android Main Board

Android ROM

Android rom download,Flash tool,Custom firmware

System Patches

Resolution,Camera,GPS,4G,Wifi, Bluetooth,LVDS,EDP,MIPI,Update patch via Rockadb file, Specification

Settings Tutorial

Help users easily and quickly use common Settings

Monitor Control Board

Main Chipset


Chipset Program

Provides the firmware of resolution for almost all lcd panel models,Provide update program tutorial, Flash tool,hardware and board specification


OSD Language,Video input(VGA,HDMI,DVI),Audio output,Power to panel(3.3V/5V/12V),Power management(Standby Power Consumption),Key function and more

LCD Panel

LCD Connectors

Timing controller,LVDS Receiver,EDP,MIPI,TTL,Backlight connector,Source Driver,Gate Driver

LCD Parameters

LVDS Logic Input Voltage,LVDS signal definition,Display resolution (pixel),Overall dimension (mm),Screen size (inch) and more

LCD Brands

Auo,Boe,Chimei-Innolux,Chungwa,LG-Philips,Mitsubishi,Nec,Panasonic,Samsung,Sharp,Tianma etc.


IEEE 802.3af

PD(Powered Device) min. Power Per Port: 12.95W, PSE(Power Source Equipment) Max. Power Per Port: 15.4W

IEEE 802.3at

PD min. Power Per Port: 25W, PSE Max. Power Per Port: 30W

IEEE 802.3bt

PD min. Power Per Port: 71-90W, PSE Max. Power Per Port: 100W

Touch Panel

TP Controller

TP Controller firmware download,Flash TP controller firmware, TP driver download

TP Configuration

Change horizontal and vertical touch direction of TP,Save the TP firmware from TP controller via tools,Calibration,Remote help to configure the TP

TP Type

Capacitive touch screen, Resistive touch screen,Infrared touch screen, support USB/RS232/I2C interfaces