POE PD(Powered Device) Module

Any network device that is powered by PoE is referred to as a powered device, or PD. Wireless access points, IP security cameras and VoIP phones are common examples. The rise of the more powerful IEEE 802.3bt standard has paved the way for more power-hungry applications such as PoE LED lighting and High-Speed HD Outdoor PoE network cameras with climate control. PoE Powered device (PD) controllers support multiple power levels of power over Ethernet: IEEE PoE (13W), IEEE PoE+ (25.5 W), IEEE PoE++ (71 W), and ADI LTPoE++ (up to 90 W) standard. PD controllers are ultimately responsible for providing the correct signature and classification to power sourcing equipment (PSE), so that PSEs source the right amount of power to PDs over the Ethernet cables.

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