ZYCooke BIOS Restore Default Settings⚙️ ITX🖥️industrial Motherboard IvyBridge SandyBridge Series

ZYCooke BIOS Restore Default Settings ⚙️ ITX🖥️industrial Motherboard IvyBridge SandyBridge Series

Product Model:Y-I3-2350M-TI2C2L,Y-I3-2350M-TI2COM,Y-I5-2520M-TI2COM,Y-I3-2350M-TI6C2L,Y-I5-3230M-TI2COM, Y-I5-3230M-TI2C2L, Y-I7-2620M-TI2COM,Y-I5-2450M-TI2COM

To change the Bios Setting you need an USB⌨️keyboard. Here is the keyboard shortcut list 👉How to enter the Bios and Setup the boot option .

Boot the device and ⌨️press Delete key enter the Bios.

➡️ Save & Exit

➡️ Restore Defaults

➡️ Load Optimized Defaults –> Yes

➡️ Save Changes & Reset

➡️ Save Configuration and reset ? –> Yes

⌨️Press F9 and click Yes, then press F10 to restore the default bios setting and reboot the bios.






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